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February 2012

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    Whats the deal with buying a car to travel around the USA for 3 months? Insurance & licence etc.

    There are a few problems to consider if you are not american. 1/ you will be required to obtain a US driver's license as you are staying quite long. To make it harder, you will also be required to have a social security number for that, which requires a valid visa (assuming you will be with the tourist waiver, this pretty much making it impossible to get anything). It can easily take 6 weeks to obtain all the paperwork. 2/ you will need to register the car, which isnt cheap (prob around 250$), and will likely require you to have an address in the US for that (if not a social security number as well!). 3/ failing to obtain a US driver license will mean difficulties to get a car insurance, and if you do find one probably expect to pay a hefty premium at best. Ultimately i am not convinced buying a car will be the best option if you are on a tourist visa. Unless there are specialised services specific to foreign travellers, i would be surprised if your best option wasnt to rent a car... You can always rent a cheap one and get a 4x4 for specific areas... about 8 years ago

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    Trendy bars and club in Los angeles

    For something fancy and a nice view I would go to the rooftop at The London on sunset blvd. you need to book in advance as they dont allow walk ins. Otherwise the abbot Kiney suggestion is very worthwhile, check out Gjelina there, a favourite! about 8 years ago

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    Any recommendation for a safe train to travel from Paris to London??

    Just remember that when booking eurostar, return tickets are usually a much better deal than single journeys about 8 years ago