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    Is there any way lo leave Cuzco (Peru) by train or by bus, in order to go to Chile? Is it raseonable safe?

    Hello, I went the opposite way a couple of year ago, all via bus with one short flight as we had a bad experience on an overnight bus! There isn't really a good train network in South America. The buses were all safe but the overnight one was pretty scary. It stopped often in the middle of nowhere and locals hopped on and off. Didn't sleep much as had to keep backpack under my feet to avoid it being stolen! Toilet was also broken and the stops were so quick I felt I'd get left behind if I jumped off haha. It also was speeding quite a bit and hit a couple of things! If you travel by bus make sure you ask for a working toilet. You can get "cama" or "semi-cama" seats which mean the seats fully or semi recline. So from Santiago in Chile we went to Mendoza in Argentina (5 hrs). Then to Salta still in Argentina (overnight coach). Then we flew to La Paz in Bolivia (2 hrs I think). Then to Lake Titicaca still in Bolivia (2 hrs) Then crossed the border into Peru and went to Cuzco (day tourist bus which stopped and site see along the way - highly recommended!). This bus took about 8 hrs but stopped often to check out some amazing ruins etc. You can book something like this in Cuzco, and ask to be taken all the way to La Paz. This will be as a package as you can spend a couple of days at Lake Titicaca, accomodation can be arranged as part of the ticket. This was dirt cheap coming the direction I did but might be a bit more from Cuzco.. After that just book your bus tickets direct from the bus stations. Hope this helps! about 6 years ago