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October 2010

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    how difficult is inter-country bus travel in south america

    As Nicholas says, buses are the way to go in South America! The quality (and cost!) varies a lot depending on which country you are in. Bolivia, unsurprisingly, has some of the worst buses (no lights on -inside or out-, bad suspension and Reggaton pumping into the early hours of the morning), but they can be an experience in themselves. The buses in Argentina and Chile come in various forms : cama ('bed') is the most expensive and you'll generally get a fully reclining bed with leg support, a meal, a film (sometimes in English, or you can ask them to put on the subtitles) and even wine or whiskey! Semi-cama ('half bed') is next down, with a reclining seat, a film and slightly less luxury. It's still pretty amazing though. Often in a bus station, there are many different companies that go to the same place, just walk around all of the ticket desks either looking at the written destinations (ok) or asking people (better!). It's good to learn a little bit of Spanish as it really comes in handy - the Lonely Planet can give you a starter for buses etc... Use it and your experience will be much more fulfilling! Something to remember is that in South America the distances that you travel by bus are huge, so you'll need to get used to travelling overnight (saves on accommodation too!). Over all, don't worry about things too much - as with any travel, all will become clear when you get there, and everything falls into place. Enjoy South America, it's an awesome ride!! over 9 years ago