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Jana Stanfield

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April 2014

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    What is the best travel destination this 2016?

    Vietnam is as awesome as Jesse says. If you're headed that way, Siem Reap, Cambodia is always one of my favorite places to visit. Angkor Wat is magical. I highly recommend renting bicycles and a bicycle guide so you can see everything there in a leisurely way. On Sunday afternoons, Siem Reap families have big picnics near the entrance, and it's lovely to watch the children playing with the enormous temple in the background. You can go everywhere by motorbike tuk-tuk. Get to know your first driver and he will wait for you everywhere. He'll even run errands for you while you're visiting a monument. The Land Mind Museum is worth seeing to get a sense of the destruction Cambodia experienced while they were a neutral country during the Vietnam War next door. Very sweet walking streets in the small town center and Cambodian food is my favorite. On your first night, got to a Khmer Buffet and Dance, so you can sample all the food and know what to order after that. It's all good. Food, transport and rooms in Siem Reap are very affordable. I've never been to Phnom Penh. Seeing Siem Reap is so enchanting...when I'm in Cambodia it's the only place I want to be. about 4 years ago