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I am a part time travel blogger, trying to make backpacking a full time lifestyle! I was first 'bitten' by the travel bug on a round the world trip. Since being back I have been exploring places closer to home. Now I am trying to make it possible to backpack for an extended period again!



October 2016

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    if never traveled before, what do i do to travel to australia?

    If you want to explore you can either get your own van or there are a few hop on hop off buses. I like the buses as you get to meet other travellers, so meet new friends to have some fun with. I'd definitely book somewhere to stay for the first few nights, and then decide if you're moving on or staying longer. Nomads was a good hostel chain when I was there, they also have vouchers and deals, which can help you save money! (Personally I'd stay clear of Peter Pans, I had problems with them each time I tried to get quotes). 3 months ago

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    A good guide book for Europe car trip

    I always like Rough Guides, they do a Europe guide which will give basic details of big cities. But if you want more in-depth it's a guidebook for each country. I've always used Rough Guides and like the style of them. 14 days ago

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    Best bank for open a savings account in New Zealand ? Planning to work and travel for 6months

    When i was over there (few years ago now though) I used BNZ. They were easy to set up and never had a problem with them. 4 months ago