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Half Puerto-rican Half Thai
Born in Thailand.
Road-tripper turning backpacker.

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Australia Sydney, Australia


March 2017

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    What are some awesome festivals in the US? Music, food, culture etc.

    Cultural Events, near and dear to my childhood Bandera, Texas - Cowboy Capital of the world Events happen every 1st Saturday of each month. Their calendar is updated till July 2018 Direct quote from their site "Expect to see and interact with old west cowboy life style" Gunslinger & gunfight re-enactments, rodeo, farmers market, horseback riding. Roping lessons, BBQ diner, then Square dance the night away. Or cut your day short and drive out through Quiet Mountain scenery away from the wild wild west. Best of all - it's FREE 10 months ago

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    What are the major rules regarding customs declaration in Thailand?

    My most recent trip was in January, and I travel over yearly. I didn't have to declare anything at all. The major rules that might apply to us, are strict around duty free items with a combined value of over US$1000. Otherwise, there isn't anything you have to declare. 11 months ago