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September 2016

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    What's a good SIM card for New Zealand (north island)?

    Hey Paula, I just got back from a trip around the South Island of NZ - my situation is a little different, Vodafone were running a campaign where customers from Aus could use their phones as they normally would back home, for no extra cost until 31.1.17. However, from what I saw, it looks like SparkNZ could be a good option? I didn't see prices, but might be worth looking in to that :) Another thing to keep in mind - Wifi access is pretty good in New Zealand, but if you need a sim card, take a look at Spark. Cheers, Milly about 1 month ago

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    Wildlife near Kuranda, Australia.

    Hey Trevor, We visited Kuranda in July 2016. We drove up there for a day trip and went to see Baron Falls in all its glory. The waterfalls were seriously impressive thanks to a huge downpour of rain that week. In terms of wildlife, you'll no doubt stumble across plenty of birds and critters. Make sure you use Google Maps to drive around and see the local streets - I'm 99% sure that's where you'll really find your stories. Hope this helps! Cheers, Milly 27 days ago

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    if never traveled before, what do i do to travel to australia?

    Hey Brandon, If you're keen on camping, I'd suggest hiring a van and driving the East Coast of Australia. Another option, a little more off the beaten path, is to hire a van in Perth and drive up north towards Broome. If you're into the party scene, I'd suggest going to Melbourne, not Sydney. Enjoy! Milly 27 days ago