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Sydney - Tokyo 1 day - US 2 weeks - Europe 2/3 weeks - Sydney

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    I think if you go to Google and type "travel insurance" you'll get about 35 million results, so that's not a great help and with so many options out there this is always a hard one. But there are some simple(ish) ways to minimise the effort (apart from asking travellers of course!)

    Disclaimer first: I'm with WorldNomads.com, and proud of it, but it doesn't suit everyone. Let me explain.

    Never mind that everyone tells you to buys travel insurance, have you ever really asked yourself what you really need this for anyway?

    Of the top 10 reasons you need travel insurance, the first 3 are medical, medical and more medical. Seriously, anyone can have their laptop stolen, get pick-pocketed, miss their flights due to a volcano or any number of other travel mis-haps, and these pail into mere inconvenience next to medical emergencies.

    Where you are going has particular bearing on this: we regularly see medical claims in excess of $100,000 and the reason prices are higher for the US, Canada and Japan is the costs of health care in these countries. (The largest claim I've heard of was for nearly $2 million in the US). But this isn't just about making sure you and your family avoid ending up with a huge debt: bad stuff does happen out there all the time, far more than you ever hear about in the news, and it's always the medical emergencies. You need to ask yourself if the shit hits the fan, do you trust the company you are buying from? Who underwrites their risk and provides their medical assistance? Major names like Lloyds of London, Allianz, SwissRE or even AIG are all excellent insurers (remembering that AIG is now more or less owned by the US Government) and Mondial Assistance or Specialty Assistance for Medical Emergencies. over 10 years ago

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    You also need to think about what you plan to be doing too; are you planning to head out on a motorbike or go bungee jumping or diving or surfing or skiing to name but a few. No two insurers treat these the same and some have significant chance of accidents (we see loads of skiing accidents every week).

    Once you have made a shortlist of people you might buy from: find the policy wording and look for exclusions. Unfortunately these are legal documents and don't do a very good job of communicating what they should (yes, we're working on that) but think carefully about what you find here: if in doubt ask the company to explain. For example, did you know you'll usually not be covered if you are drunk or if you deliberately put your life in danger. Such as? Well, you are on the back of a truck somewhere, have a beer and get drunk, then the truck starts up and you fall off and break your neck. Not covered - true story (not one of ours).

    Since this can cover an almost unimaginable array of scenario's, perhaps the better way to consider this is to put yourself in a situation and ask yourself if you'd behave that way if you weren't insured.

    Lastly, think about how long you'll be away: for most people who need cover for their holiday or 2 or 3 weeks, you are probably better off with a company like Travel Insurance Direct (http:/www.tid.com.au) but if you might be away longer, it makes a difference because most insurers have a fixed period of cover and you can't extend it so if you are overseas and change your mind about your trip, tough luck, which was why we designed WorldNomads.com so you can extend your policy indefinitely even when you are away from home.

    I hope this was helpful: we do try to genuinely provide the best travel insurance service on the planet. over 10 years ago

    • World Nomads does NOT cover lost passports, which can be stressful and costly for those on a budget. I regret big time investing my money with World Nomad! Carly Fedor about 10 years ago
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    I'd recommend a policy that has an extensive PPO network. It's easier on the policy holder if an emergency or a simple doctor visit is needed, as claims will usually processed quicker. That being said, you can search google for 'travel insurance with a PPO network' or something to that effect. I do know of a Lloyd's of London branch called HCC Medical, which has an Atlas policy with a PPO Network search engine. Try hccmis.com or mnui.com as a starting point. - Good question! over 9 years ago

    Answered by Killian via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Try annual multi trip insurance from www.globelink.co.uk. They offer insurance for Australians. about 8 years ago

    Answered by Lola via Site_iconTravellr.com

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