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I have to work on my dissertation writing based on the topic solo traveling. I have some basics about the subject area, but having difficult time to understand how to organize my work on various levels. Please let me know some tips that's going to help me organize the project perfectly.

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    Well, it's really an interesting dissertation topic you have. Lots of possibilities to write on various travel solo areas here. You have to make a deep research to understand what things you must consider for the project. You can cut down the project in to several areas like:

    1- Why one prefer solo traveling? (Cover the points like advantages of solo traveling)
    2- What things are required to consider? (You can write about the destination suitable for solo traveling, how to be safe, what are best options for accommodation, etc)
    3- What are the risks behind it? (Here give importance to safety threats for being a solo traveler on various areas)

    I am just giving and intro on how to move ahead with your project. I have always used the advantages of best dissertation writing reviews (like this one http://discussessays.com/Forum-Dissertation-Corner )while working on my projects. The ideas shared by the professionals in such sources really helped me develop my own ideas and perfectly complete my project. You can read and collect as many data as possible, then sort it out to most valuable ones, then start to write a outline to be crafted as final output later.

    Hope what I have shared from my own experiences will give something helpful in your way to competing the dissertation project based on solo travelers. about 3 years ago

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