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Hi All,

Was wanting a little advise. I am going to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and onto Australia to live with My parents. I have £3000 saved for 3 month in Asia do you think this is enough as I am starting to worry.

Many Thanks

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    Hi kelsey, so much of this question depends on your expectations of travel. Are you a hotel or hostel kind of person? Are you happy to share a room? Eat at street stalls?
    My hunch is that 3000GBP is enough if you're happy with budget/low end accomodation and have already paid your airfares.

    I did 6 weeks in VietNam solo, and had enough money for my own hotel rooms at $15-$20 USD a night. However, along the way I met some great people and we got to know each other... by the time I arrived in HCM city, it was easier and more fun to share a twin room. Their budget was more like $5-10/night! Less glamorous facilities, but still clean enough. I was always happy to eat most meals at street stalls and small local cafes, usually about $2-$3 each. Sometimes however it was worth the experience to go somewhere special and spend $20...

    A few years later, I travelled in Laos and mostly found it quite a lot cheaper than Cambodia/VietNam. There's a discussion going on over here about backpacking costs for one month in Cambodia with some useful info: http://answers.worldnomads.com/questions/cambodia/3907/how-much-would-it-cost-to-backpack-in-cambodia-for-one-month

    It seems to be a sport amongst SE Asian backpckers to be the biggest tight-arse, but this is not a charming quality nor does it breed goodwill and real local connections with the local people who live there. Just remember you don't want to come home saying 'I had the cheapest holiday in the world', you want to come home saying "I had the BEST holiday in the world'. over 8 years ago

    • Thank you so much for this! I have been to Thailand 5 times previously but never backpacked! I will be staying at hostels not hotels as I want the full experience! I am not averse to eating at street stalls and local cafes I want to experience the culture. Kelsey Sutclife over 8 years ago
    • I travelled Australia in 2010 solo so I am fully aware of what to expect but granted Asia will be different! Thank you so much for your answer I very much appreciated your response and found it very helpful! And I will 100% be going home saying 'I had the BEST holiday' Super excited :) Kelsey Sutclife over 8 years ago
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    I am from Malaysia, and from the list of countries you wish to visit - Singapore has the most expensive accommodation but the best public transport system. Have you tried couchsurfing.org to help you save some cost on accommodation and at the same time get to know more people? I had great experience on couchsurfing.org so far.

    Have fun!

    Ron over 8 years ago

    • Thanks Ron! I have not tried it - now I will! Accommodation in Singapore is no problem as my uncle lives there but thank you for your advise I am very thankful - I agree the public transport it the best & cleanest I have ever travelled on fantastic to get you to Orchard Road to all those shops:) Kelsey Sutclife over 8 years ago
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    Perhaps you can get by with that budget if you really watch what you spend on, but as soon as there is an entry fee or need to buy a ticket to get in then you will find it difficult to live within that budget. Frankly, you don't need 3 months to visit the countries you mentioned, 2 months should be more than enough. £3000 for 60 days would be nice and comfortable provided airfares are already paid for. Shorten your trip is worth considering in order to enjoy more. over 8 years ago

    • Thank You for your advise, Unfortunately I will not be shortening my trip though. My airfare is paid for and I think if I stick to my daily allowance I will be fine i will be backpacking not flash-packing! Kelsey Sutclife over 8 years ago
    • I have 90 days to pick my flight up in Singapore so the time will be spread between each country depending on the people I meet and what my partner feels he would also like to do! Once again thank you for your reply it is very much appreciated :) Kelsey Sutclife over 8 years ago

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