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With all the issues around malaria and dengue fever, it seems like prevention is better than cure! Does anyone know of any good ones for travel? Should I also buy a hanging kit or will there be a place to hang them? Does this seem like a good idea or overkill?

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    Hi Magnus, I'd definitely take one, particularly if you're going to be staying in any remote areas or local homestays etc. Be sure to take Deet (insect repellent) as well.

    I cant remember the brand I had, but I'm sure the World Nomads travel safety expert, Phil, can suggest a couple and provide some more info on dengue fever as well.

    I'd also take a Gastro Kit with you. I always seem to cop travel belly when in Asia and it's always come in handy. I did a little video about them here - http://ht.ly/2B3dt, you can pick these up from most travel heath clinics, they cost between $50-$80 but they're worth every penny. about 10 years ago

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    Hi Magnus, I don't know where you are from, but here in Australia I've bought small lightweight travel mosquito nets from Anacoda in Sydney (http://www.anaconda.com.au/). They were about the size of a small drinking bottle and very light. Personally I try to avoid malaria pills since if you take them for too long they give you headaches and make your hair drop out (well, that was our experience). It's a tricky one since malaria is terrible and can be fatal so take care. about 10 years ago

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