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I want to fly some time in 2012; doesn't really matter when. I'm wondering how to get from Sydney to Iceland the cheapest way possible.

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    Have you tried http://getflight.com.au/ ?
    This is a great little niche web site tool that notifies you of hot flights deals as soon as they become available. about 7 years ago

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    I recently travelled from Sydney to Iceland via the USA. Iceland air or Iceland express runs from many of the major cities in the United States.

    A more detailed breakdown of our flights:
    Cheap Jetstar to Hawaii - $400
    Hawaiian air to mainland (you could go to a connecting city) - $250
    Iceland air from NY - $400 (Iceland express is cheaper but more dodgy).

    So for $1050 one way you could probably do it with a bit of research. I used Skyscanner. Iceland is beautiful, can't go wrong there. about 7 years ago

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