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I'm wondering how long you guys would recommend someone, who wants to go to Australia for a working holiday?
I want to be around September in Australia and work for some time and travel a bit and then spend X-mas/New Year in Hong Kong and then head home.
I haven't requested a visa yet cause, I'm doubting about it and it seems a bit short.

*Removed Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get the acquire the visa?
Found my answer online, it's about six days.

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    Stay the year. When you get there you will want to see more. Australia is a big and beautiful country with lots to see. It has it's own unique backpacker culture and you will meet loads of great people from around the world. I was there just a year and I only managed to do the East coast. almost 7 years ago

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    Yep, I intended to stay just a few months and then go off to South America, I stayed 10, and ended up in Asia...

    Depending where you go it can take a few weeks/month to find a job. Lots of things require certificates that you never imagined, such as to work in a bar (unless you're happy just to glass collect). And it can be expensive to live whilst you're searching, though it is obviously much cheaper when you're out of the cities if you just want to fruit pick on a farm.
    You can't have any job for longer than 6months, but if you do manage to get a 'proper job' paying taxes etc. when you leave you can claim back all the tax and the super annuation (like UK NI contributions). Which is a great bonus!!!

    And Austrailia is magic, you will want to see more and do more. Good luck :) almost 7 years ago

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    There's no reason why you cant start in Oz in Sept then get a return flight to HK (albeit expensive at tht time of year!)and come back for more time on your working holiday visa.

    Kat makes a very good point about it taking time to find a job. I think you should try and be more flexible with your plans ;-) almost 7 years ago

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