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Where to go Diving in Cuba

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Hi there!
I was wondering if anybody would be able to recommend a company to book a couple of diving sessions. Since I travelled to Thailand last year I don't want to miss the chance to dive everywhere I go. This time I am travelling with 2 people, both had no experience diving before so I want them to get a good memory of it.
I have been looking for different options on internet and on Lonely Planet guide but I am not convinced about it yet. I read that Pigs Bay and Cienfuegos would be a good place to do so but I would also appreciate any other location advice.

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    Hi! I dived off Isla de la Juventud a few years ago. It was nice but I would not recommend it, as it is harder to access via ferry. Good luck! over 3 years ago

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    I dived for the first time ever in the Bay of Pigs, it was 1-on-1 with a divemaster and I loved it! over 3 years ago

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    Hi, I dove Cuba on 2 separate trips about 25 yrs ago. First at Maria la Gorda and the next time at Guayabal. Both were quite memorable but not for the dive sites (they were quite poor). No, it was the poorly maintained gear at MlaG (BC inflator valve kept getting stuck) and the other time it was our dive master who insisted on going spear fishing for his lunch while taking us around - not much fun when you have to keep looking to see if a spear is heading your way. IMO, there's much better diving elsewhere in the Caribbean - try the Grenadines. over 3 years ago

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