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Cheap places to stay in Europe?

over 10 years ago about Europe

Hello, I want to go away for a few days during easter holiday. can someone recommend me a place and give me some info about were to stay?

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    That is a very broad question. Even the most expensive of cities, such as London, will have cheap options such as staying in a youth hostel or couch surfing for free, cheap places to eat such as the curry houses behind Euston Station etc.

    If you generally mean a cheaper country as opposed to London, then Turkey has some good options with a great bus service that can get you round and you can eat very cheaply there - some local bread, cheese, honey, tomatoes. Done!

    Camping is a good idea depending on the country and therefore the weather. You can camp in Nice, for example and that would make it much do-able.

    Can you give us any more info to help you?! over 10 years ago

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    I am planning a roadtrip true Europe in the summer and I need some adresses to stay. I love camping but at a few moments during the trip a bit more luxe would be handy. Do you recommend any websites to search for these cheap hostels/hostels/apartments or campings?

    I know it´s a broad question but if you can just give me a hand I would be very thankfull :).

    Thanks allot over 10 years ago

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    Hi there...hum, my previous answer disappeared!

    Okay, here are some suggestions:
    http://www.keycamp.co.uk/ if you want to stay in one place for a while
    http://www.eurocheapo.com/ for cheap hotels

    If you dont need to drive, then how about you take the train. You can get great options on an inter-rail ticket http://www.interrailnet.com/ and also check out http://www.seat61.com/

    As you travel, you will easily come across small B&Bs where you could stay the night, but they might be a bit expensive.

    Perhaps visit a couple of other discussion forums such as the Thorntree for more specific regional advice. I can only provide that for Turkey :-) over 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com

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