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I am hoping to go to backpacking through Europe this summer and am a little confused with the differing opinions regarding Eurail passes. Most of what I have read is that it really isn't worth the money. I am planning on maybe doing about ~20 cities mostly in Western Europe such as Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, etc. for 2 months. Would it be worth it to get the pass or just doing point to point or a mixture of both since?

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    Some do it also with a bus ticket, for example Eurolines. Don't forget you're are definitely more comfy in a train than a bus.
    I took the Interrail for a month and did 10 countries. I spent some nights in hostels and other with couchsurfing.
    If you like a city - like I did with Berlin and stayed 5 days - you should think about it.
    I really loved interrail because I was TOTALLY FREE! Also, you can reservate night trains but you have to pay a small amount of money. But at least, you don't waste any day. almost 6 years ago

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    Seven years ago I used an unlimited, all countries, eurail pass for 2 months and I thought it was great value for money (it was pricey, but much cheaper than if I had bought all separate tickets).
    I didn't use the eurail pass for the UK, but I did use it for all the other places you mentioned and then some!
    Many places also allow you to use it for local transit and you can also use it for discounts in some places.
    Catching overnight trains can also save you on accommodation costs.
    As Tomas said, you can grab the connections whenever you like, so you can adjust your schedule according to the places you are enjoying. almost 6 years ago

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