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me, my mother and sister are British citizens and residents so this doesn't apply to us just asking for my My father who is a resident of Pakistan applied for a Schengen visa and his'Duration of Stay' in the Schengen area could only be 15 days which is the maximum number of days that he can remain in Europe, the validity of his visa is from the 15/08/17 to 21/09/17 however the duration of stay is only 15 days I just want to now know that:

1) Does that mean the maximum number of days he can stay in the Schengen Area is 15 days **ALTOGETHER** or does that mean he can exit the Schengen area and come back for another 15 days.

2) IF the case is that he can only stay for 15 days how can we extend his duration of stay, he is already in Munich at the moment he just landed there this morning. And if we can't extend it from here but he overstays more than 15 days what will happen

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  • If your father and mother are married and she has EU citizenship, they need to bring the original marriage certificate and apply for an extension in the country they will spend the most time in. Marg Breuer over 1 year ago

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    Very difficult, close to impossible :(


    https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/324785/en/ over 1 year ago

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