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Would love to get a smorgasbord of events (music, cultural, food, anything!) around Europe during May-September to plan a road trip around.

Probably won't be able to make it further east than Hungary, and can discount Scandinavia.

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    Apart from the obvious:
    Oktoberfest (Germany)
    La Tomatina (Spain)
    Glastonbury (UK)

    There's also:
    Exit Festival music festival (Serbia)
    Tomorrowland music festival (Belgium)
    Stuttgarter Weindorf food festival (Germany)
    Cheese 2018 - cheese festival (Italy)

    Too bad you're ruling Scandinavia out. You'll miss the World Air Guitar Championships (http://www.airguitarworldchampionships.com) and this Wife Carrying World Championship (http://eukonkanto.fi/en/).

    Have a fun trip! 10 months ago

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    The Pierogi Festival in Krakow, Poland in August. It is a fun festival that gives you a chance to try a ton of different pierogis. 10 months ago

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    Les fetes de Bayonne (France, Basque Country) 5 days in August. Great area to visit.
    Fete de la musique on June 21 (everywhere in France but the bigger the city the best seleciton of free concerts). 10 months ago

    Answered by Claire via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    If you could extend it to beginning of october-ish...
    Tarragona, Spain - build a traditional human tower... 9 months ago

    Answered by Vee via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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