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    Hi Kieran,

    I'm a big fan of Ghana, having spent three months there. However, soley as a travel destination, I think it leaves a little to be desired. The infastructure for tourism is a little... um... so-so, and the number of things to specifically see can be limited. HOWEVER, that being said, I still encourage you to go, but suggest that you consider finding yourself a short term volunteer project in Ghana-- there are many! I feel that if you can carve out for yourself an "experience within an experience," you use that opportunity as an "in" to Ghanaian culture that you might not achieve otherwise. And then go do some sightseeing!! I hope that you go regardless. Ghana is very charming. :)

    -LL over 9 years ago

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    Hi, if this is your first visit to w.Africa, than Gana will do great for you. The tourist infrastructure is not really top notch, but the country is pleasant for backpackers. It's safe, transport is good, food and lodging is cheap, etc. Most importantly, they speak English, unlike most of the rest w.Africa, which is a big big factor. All what I said is relative to w.Africa, of course, so dont expect piramids and koral islands, but nice real people with strong will for life instead.

    Another option would be Mali, where you can see an enormous variety of coultures and peple of all kinds. It's also a great place to hear world class music, see Bamako. But there you need to speak French or you might need organized tours (not hard to find in Mali, tho).
    Burkina is nice, but tourism is not developed, even more so for Guinea, where people are very very nice, but it's getting hard to travel. Liberia - hard. S Leone too, although I hear is very safe now (again, relative).
    Cameroon must be super nice as I hear, but never been.

    Have a nice trip! almost 9 years ago

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    Hi there. You can find out a bit more about West Africa and the amazing things to do and see there by either visiting this facebook page: www.facebook.com/westafricadiscovery or by visiting www.westafricadiscovery.co.uk. On the facebook page, you might be able to get some good advice from experts and passionate people who make up the 1000+ members.

    Try it out. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Thomas Armitt via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I really recommend the Volta region, I traveled in Ghana for 2 months and I absolutely loved this region and it's scenery. almost 9 years ago

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    Ghana is a great country for a first travel in W-Africa. Pretty good and reliable infrstrcuture (the bus system works just fine between cities). I definately recommend Kumasi (great town with all kind of possibilities). A really wonderful experience is Mole National Park, where you can Both stay quite affordable and do the cheapest safari imaginable. You have to have some luck of course, but I saw my first wild elephant there.

    Don't miss the slave fortresses at the Coast as well! The Volta region should be great as well, but I have not visited that region, because of lack of time... almost 9 years ago

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