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How to get a Sim Card in India?

about 10 years ago about India

Which Sim Card can be recommended (national calls and messages, incoming international calls and messages) and where can I buy it?

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    Someone on here recently pointed me to:

    I'm also looking at http://www.goSIM.com which is more of a global roaming SIM that you could use anywhere at reasonable rates. about 10 years ago

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    We purchased a SIM card with vodafone, all that we needed to purchase was photocopy of passports, id photo and a letter from our hotel saying that we were staying there. All good, loaded it with credit and the SIM card worked for 2 weeks and then just stopped. We went to a vodafone store and apparently they rejected our paperwork at the headoffice and shut down the number unless we were able to prove proof of residence (which we couldnt because we were travelling around). NOTHING was able to get our number going. we heard other people had no problems, I think we were just unlucky! about 10 years ago

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    i bought the Airtel - also the same requirements - but i think tht airtel is better - even whn i was in russia - i can still use it and now i am in china and it is working almost 10 years ago

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