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    Hire a motorbike and explore all the villages around and around Ubud. It's a great central location. Just explore at random most of the time, and SOME of the time, with a little luck, you'll come across some local ceremony or other - and if you do, it is DEFINITELY worth stopping and watching.

    More specifically, head out to Gunung Kawi, an old Indian temple at the bottom of lots of steps. Great rice terraces to view on the walk down.

    Another excellent but long day trip (?) is to head out East, through Klungkung and then take the road that skirts the base of the volcano through Selat over to Tirta Gangga - superb scenery.

    Oh, and if you are in Ubud on a FRIDAY night there is only one Kecak dance worth seeing and that is at the Pura Delem temple on the road between Ubud and Campuan: they are a professional troupe and their chanting, dance and fire trance dance is simply miles better than anywhere else.



    simon about 11 years ago

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