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A friend of mine and I have been planning a trip after college graduation since high school, and we're finally going. We are staying 3 nights in each Sorrento, Rome, and Florence. We know that its a quick whirl, but we're both starting medical school the following August, and NEED a break!

Our question is, how much spending money should we take? Our breakfasts are paid for in our itinerary (we did a custom trip through Cultural Italy) as well as all entrance fees. Essentially we have to pay for lunch, dinner, any snacks, and of course anything we end up picking up to take home with us!

We both like food, but don't need anything fancy. Thank you for your answers ahead of time!

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    Where are you from? In Rome we found a great inexpensive restaurant - 433 Next 10€ i think for 2 courses inc wine each, search in trip advisor for address. Planned Florence but rubbish hotel and didn't stay so can't advise. Eat lots for breckie and buy snacks in supermarkets for lunch and you should get by on a max of 50€ a day. Some tourist sites are cheaper for eu residents. Do a search before you go. Have a great time and don't choose any restaurant on main streets in tourist areas, they're always more expensive! about 8 years ago

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    I studied in Rome in Spring 2012. I wrote a lot about it on my blog, if you want any recommendations! http://lionstigersandclare.blogspot.com/search/label/italy

    House wine is usually 8 Euros a liter. I would say for a decent dinner in Rome & Florence, expect to pay about 20-25 Euros per person. Sorrento may be more expensive because of the prices on the Amalfi Coast. I loved Il Giardino Romano in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome. The restaurants in Trastevere are all incredible! You can get spectacular pizza at Dar Poeta.

    All around Rome, and all of Italy for that matter, many restaurants have "Tourist Menus", with set items for a certain price, usually 12 or 15 euro. They usually come with an appetizer, main item and a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The tourist menus are great on a budget, but you lose some authenticity in the process.

    Ballpark, 40 Euros a day on food if you want to enjoy yourself and stay conscious of the wine & apertivo. Also, almost all restaurants have a service charge or bread charge of 1 or 2 euros and water costs money.

    Have a great trip! about 8 years ago

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    I'm Italian, living in Rome and Milan.
    Enjoy Italy and our genuine and good food&wine.
    In Sorrento and in costiera eat local products: Mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomato fresh,
    Extra vergine oil, pasta and pizza. For dessert try "pastiera" (it is an Easter dessert so in this period difficult to find but somewhere probably), try homemade gelato, try "sgroppino" (soft lemon cream, alcoolic or not). Fish is good but expencive.
    In Rome Go in Trastevere area, full of local cuisine restaurants. Try roman cuisine: pasta carbonara, pasta amatriciana, pasta gricia, pasta cacio e pepe. They eat meat and not fish, but this kind of roman food is very winter stlye so eavy, in summer better vegetables.
    In Florence the main food is "Chianina" (kind of meat) grilled and without sauces, very good if not too cooked but expensive. Good also "pappa al pomodoro" and "ribollita" .
    For dessert in Florence try "cantucci e vin santo" (bisquites and wine). enjoy and thank you for choosing Italy for you holiday! Let me know :) about 8 years ago

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    I usually allow €100/ day in spending money but I usually go for about 4 weeks. Maybe allow more to pick up those special souvenirs.... about 8 years ago

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