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One of our goal for this years July trip is to Climb Mount Fuji.

The tours are ridiculously expensive, and researched a bit about not really having to go with a tour.

We've planned for a week-day climb (Monday and Tuesday)

So here are a lot of questions.

1. We want to go on a beginner route - Is it significantly longer and crowed than other routes?
(Can't remember for the life of me what route it's called)

2. Many of my Japanese mates warned me to prep Oxygen - Is this really necessary?

3. Renting hiking gear for the hike, is it available? What do they provide? Am I better off hauling my gear around for the rest of the 2 weeks in Japan?
(We are quite concerned for our gears, as we are predominantly staying at Hostels)

4. Waking up at 1-2 am at our hut stops (8th station) will definitely be dark. Should we be worried that there won't be enough people to follow? - Suggestions on making the dark 3 hour hike up less of a concern (i.e. Flash light suggestions?)

5. Water! - especially before leaving the hut, do they have water stations or places I can refill?

6. Other suggestions and things to consider?

Thanks in advance!

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