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I will be there for probably a 3-4 week period between the months of June, July or August

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    We were in Laos In January after being in thailand and Malaysia for a couple of months. Never took any form of malaria medication as the side effects and hassel seemed worse than the effects of the malaria.

    We never experienced any paticular problems with mozzies from what I can remeber but some of the cheaper guest houses do have windows without glass which kind of makes them a hole rather than a window.

    Beer Laos and Lao Lao whiskey are both natural remedies

    God luck and enjoy!

    It's a Magic place about 8 years ago

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    I'd be careful certainly: Malaria is a very nasty disease and can be fatal. Having said that, I travel regularly in Asia and also no longer take the Malarial tablets, the reason being is that if you take them for an extended period of time the side effects are pretty bad.

    This discussion is best had with your Doctor so you understand the consequences. In my view it depends largely on how long you are going and how well you can protected by other measures such as mosquito nets at night and insect repellant at other times.

    Just remember: all it takes is one bite. We run a travel insurance company and there was a recent case of Malaria which turned particularly bad and ended up costing more than $100,000 so take this issue seriously. about 8 years ago

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    Have been there three times - central Vientiane is basically noted as being OK, but down south (Islands) and to the north up/down river from LouangPhrabang it is wise to take a more cautious approach.

    Simon's advice about repellent and nets is the way to go in these areas.
    Katherina is also correct - it is a magic place; it will draw you back. If you are passing through Thailand before you can get a course of pills (reputable brands) over the counter. about 8 years ago

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    I spent a couple of weeks there and although the River Mekong area is very humid (ideal breeding ground for these tropical diseases) we were actually surprised about the lack of mosquitoes around- i cannot remember being bitten.

    We were taking Malarone anyway which you can only take for up to 30 days but experienced no side effects. If you are staying longer, you would be recommended other medication which have known side effects including insomnia. about 8 years ago

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    i'm a great fan on doxycylin - it's a general antibiotic but one of the SIDE effects
    is that it's an antimalarial. in NZ, it's dirt cheap, whereas malarone is US$1 tab here.
    with doxy you have to take 2 wks before and, i think, 6 wks after.
    just mention it to yr Doc as an option. what i love about it, is that it knocks all the other
    little bugs you might pick up as well - i've only ever had tummy upsets twice while traveling (over many years). almost 8 years ago

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