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I'm looking for a recommended elephant day trip near Luang Prabang, Laos, where they don't make the elephants perform tricks, have tourists ride in baskets on their backs, etc.
in Thailand the better places are often referred to as having mahout training. A place where you can help bathe and feed the elephants would be ideal.

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    We went here
    It's a beautiful place and it's a rehabilitation centre for old working elephants :) I felt the Mahouts really loved their elephants and interacted beautifully :)
    I had Pancake the elephant and my god she had personality! All of them did :)
    The bungalows you stay in are soooo nice, surrounded by lush tropical jungle, natural wood ( we even had a tree trunk coming through the middle of our room :) modern decor, great food. It was all around well worth the money.
    We kayaked back to Luang Prabang was really fun, and don't forget to pick up your Mahout Certificate :) funny souvenir :) over 6 years ago

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    Thank you! That sounds perfect! over 6 years ago

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