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  • We fly to Penang and leave via Singapore. Planned on going to Malacca but grateful for other suggestions. Have previously been to Kota Kinabalu and had a short stay in KL. So will stop there. I wondered about the west coast. Linda Goupillot-Lindstrom over 5 years ago
  • Thank you for all for your very useful advice. Dotwhit I have read your blog thanks. I also meant what was the East coast like not the west. Linda Goupillot-Lindstrom over 5 years ago

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    Hi there's a number of cool places MUST visit in Penang. I reckon list as below:

    Kek Lok Si Temple - The ‘Temple of Supreme Bliss’ is also the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia
    Khoo Kongsi - clanhouse - a maze of alleys and pre-war houses is the breathtakingly beautiful Khoo Kongsi – clanhouse built by the early Khoo clanmen more than 100 years ago
    Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion - Built in the 1880s, the magnificent 38-room, 220-window
    Penang Hill - spectacular views over the island and mainland, gardens
    Batu Ferringhi - stretch of small coves and more beaches
    Streets of George Town - unique charms of Straits eclectic architecture and sights from our colonial past that has earned George Town a place in Unesco’s heritage site listing
    Pinang Peranakan Mansion - stunning restored residence in the city
    Snake Temple - temple with some snakes sleeping on sticks
    Flea markets, pasar malam and modern shopping malls - Lorong Kulit and Rope Walk flea markets to the Campbell Street, and Little India traditional shopping areas and modern shopping malls like Gurney Plaza and Queensbay, Penang is a shopper’s paradise over 5 years ago

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    You really should go to Mallaca (multiple spellings used), it's a smaller, more funky version of Georgetown/Penang. It has the best street food in the country, better than GT and KL Chinatown.

    Of course, KL is a must. Defintely plan for 2 or 3 days there, lots to see. No particular tip here, have a quick google search on top attractions in KL and pick your interests from whatever lists come up. But definitely don't miss the nightlife, foot massage (best in Asia) and street food at Chinatown

    In Penang's Georgetown, don't miss the Rainforest Café, in Lebuah Chulia St, very central, great bfast, great coffee, cool owners. Another nice spot for bfast is Muntri Mews in Jalan Muntri St. A nice inexpensive vintage guesthouse is Cintra House. Muntri Mews is also a great vintage guest house, though a tad pricier.

    Any further questions, let me know. over 5 years ago

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    Depends how you are getting there and arrival point. If you can Jahor at the bottom of Malaysia is a great start point and allows you to work up to Penang. If going straight to Penang then the list you have from 1st reply is a good start point. You can work up or down the country from there. Melaka is a great spot to visit as has a very different feel from the rest of the country. This has been held by Chinese, Portuguese and English at different times and is reflected in the food and architecture. Junker St markets on Friday night and the shopping there are very different. Very easy to get around as small and compact. KL is definite worth a few days. The hop on/off bus has around 26 stops and takes approx. 2.5 hours to do a lap. A pass is valid for 24 or 48 hours. So if you purchase at 1pm then it runs for 2 days from there. Chinatown is worth a visit. There is.a stop in the heart of Chinatown. At the stop is the entrance to the market tho found this to be full of knockoff copies and need to hunt for things of interest. The Tea shop next to the stop is worth a visit.The food in the street is great. Was there last week and sat at a small table in a downpour with steaming hot food being cooked behind me and then served up. The food was fresh and relish. While the Central Markets and several others are located behind/ side of Chinatown and can be walked to in minutes. There is some real gems to be found if look around. Batu caves is not far. IN fact while it seems to cover a large area KL is very easy to walk around and see much of the sights. The tourist office is located just near the PETRONAS towers so can cover two items at once. Last time we caught the bus from KL to Melaka then down to Jahor great way to see the country. over 5 years ago

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    Also in Melaka is one of the worlds last cobbler who make lotus shoes. These are the shoes for women with bound feet. The shop is now run by the fourth generation. They have samples of work dating back thru the family history and samples of the current work. Amazing to see the history and materials as well as the size of the shoes. The staff there were informative and able to answer all questions. Located one street back from Jonker St. over 5 years ago

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    Langkawi and surrounding areas are great spot to visit. If you are able then going to Mushing or Kota Kinabalu is the most amazing part of Malaysia.If can then put up a second question and happy to reply over 5 years ago

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    You've time to hire a car and drive to the east coast. Absolutely fab. Roads are good. Make sure you rent a GPS too. Kuala Terreganu, Kuantan. Frasers Hill. Cameron highlands. over 5 years ago

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    A great country to visit. Cameron Highlands are handy to Penang and well worth the trip. I made my way around the Malay peninsula mainly by using local buses. My travel blog on it is here and may be helpful. http://threewisewomen.com.au/the-widow-and-the-divorcee-do-malaysia/ over 5 years ago

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    Seems like everyone has covered it all. Anyway...East Coast is off season, it's the monsoon starting now till end of Feb. So, i wouldn't advice on going there.

    West Coast - There's a ton of things to do, but one must be careful on the type of things he or she likes. Adventure, heritage, culture, beaches, islands? You need to let us know what you like.

    Penang - As far as I know, George Town is a thrill just by walking around. Batu Feringghi on the other hand is a over commercialized place. Here's some free info - http://blog.malaysia-asia.my/2014/01/free-things-to-do-in-penang.html

    Ipoh - Only if you are a serious foodie, Ipoh boasts of some incredible local hawker food - which is off the tourist radar, meaning you need to know a local for this.

    Melaka (Malacca) - Way much smaller than Penang but recommended only 2 days max there. Getting commercialized too. Jonker Walk best time on weekdays. Overall, better to visit Malacca on a weekday. Some interesting lodging along Heeran Street, unique ones too. Best to stay in this area, the core heritage zone area so yo can walk around.

    The 'original' clog maker is located near Pelita Restaurant by the Melaka River. She is the last descending family member to hand-make them. The one at Jonker is pretty commercialized, they are rumored to buy the clogs from this lady by the river.

    KL - Overrated but if you must, then 1-2 days is good enough. Batu Caves is recommended for a good work out. Food in KL is not recommended, you're better off eating in Penang/Melaka/Ipoh. Just shopping, buildings and lots of traffic, like any other city.Otherwise, it's just the general sightseeing - Twin Towers, KL Towers, Bird Park, Old Railway Station.... bla..bla..bla...

    The Hills - Camerons/Frasers, only if you're a nature lover. December is mad-peak period at Camerons so bet to avoid. Camerons has some pretty interesting tea plantations and nature walks. Frasers is a pure nature/hikers paradise. Not much to do there.

    Johor - I wouldn't recommend this. over 5 years ago

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    Taman Negara and the Perhentian Islands are awesome!! you should tru to get there! over 5 years ago

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    Ipoh, Ipoh, Ipoh!
    Malacca, Malacca, Malacca!

    They were my absolute favourite places, without a doubt. Ipoh is very quite (a wonderful hostel called Abby Hostel) which has nearly no tourists (if you like that kind of thing). Otherwise Malacca (Melaka) is also another quite place, with only a few tourists, but they have wonderful night markets (Sundays from memory) and frilled up, pink tuk tuks. I stayed at a place called Tony's Guesthouse there and it had a really homely feel and it wasn't over priced. Walking distance from everything too. Enjoy your trip! over 5 years ago

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