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    In hotels you'll find international cuisine, Italian food is popular in much hotel.
    Some hotels make a Maldivian dinner or lunch once a week. You can taste it in this dinner or going to Malé or in a tour to an habited island
    As typical Maldivian dish you have a dry fish curry very spicy.
    It's very common fish with rice served in soup, balls, etc.
    "Rosji" is a bread without yeast.
    There are the "hedhikaa" that are similar to snacks, sweet or savory, of coconut, chile, curry, ginger, seasoned rice, smoked fish, nuts ....
    Fruit is very good but imported, in Maldives only grow up coconuts, some small bananas. about 9 years ago

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    sweet foods : Bondibaiy ( rice which is cooked plain which is seetned ) .
    Addu Bondi ,

    Maldivian Smoked fish or Valhoamas! about 9 years ago

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