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I've read that people have gotten sick from brushing their teeth and rinsing with tap water in Mexico. So I wondered if the ice in drinks, coffee, or frozen drinks could cause the same issues.

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    All major hotels and restaurants and businesses that cater to the tourist industry are aware of Montezuma's Revenge and many use purified water to make their ice. Just ask first before ordering 'on the rocks'.
    Even small-to-medium sized businesses will have a tank of purified water on display and an ice-maker attached.
    Non-tourist areas and small towns and street vendors anywhere in Mexico - be very wary, it's unlikely to be purified water.
    There are plenty of reports from visitors who never drink the tap water, and always use bottled water - even for brushing their teeth. Sounds like sound advice.
    Coffee: good question. Boiling water for a minute will kill most bugs... does an American-style percolator get hot enough? Is an espresso machine hot for long enough? I'll go in search of an answer.

    Note: even the purest water can give you traveller's diarrhoea. All water contains a mixture of microbes, and your stomach gets used to the 'local' mix in your town. Go elsewhere and it has to adjust to the new mix. It's only a problem if you get dehydrated, which happens after several days of illness.
    We have a piece about TD on WorldNomads here:
    http://bit.ly/fCDp6e over 9 years ago

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    Phil's report is both thorough and correct. over 9 years ago

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    you are all idiots, i am from Mexico, that has never happened to me or anyone I know. It is because of ignorants like you that they still portray us as wild west gunslinging morons in your movies and tv series. That is what u r teaching ur children, to be ignorant, judgmental and unable to really experience another culture. If you really knew Mexico, you wouldnt say that kind of ignorant nonsense. over 9 years ago

    Answered by mariano via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
    • You're probably better of correcting and educating people rather than abusing them and yelling about ignorance. People are talking about drinking water here. Michael over 9 years ago
    • as I said.... it's "different" water that causes upset... you're Mexican, you're used to the mix of the water you drink everyday - others may not be. I'm Australian, I don't think we've ever made a tv series or movie about Mexicans. Who's the one with prejudicial views here? 'Potty talk' - Nice. Ask Phil over 9 years ago
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    I just returned from a trip to Mexico City. I was there on business for 4 days and managed to avoid drinking the water. However, I did drink coffee and brush my teeth with tap water. It turns out this was a bad idea. over 9 years ago

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    I live in Mexico. Even Mexicans get "bugs" but my Dad tavelled as a journalist (I am one,too) in USA and often was sick. Phil's report is very good. We use bottled water. I try to steer clear of street food in any country as well as leafy veggies. I do love our state (GTO) big crop if broccoli. almost 9 years ago

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    The water is cheap in mexico, you can get a bottled gallon for as low as 1.85 usd. Most of the hotel chains have their own purifying plants and almost every chain delivers you a bottle of water to brush or drink. And youre right, it is not a good idea to drink the water directly from the tap, but water is cheap here, everything is. Enjoy your tripĀ” almost 9 years ago

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    I am from Minnesota. I have been brushing my teeth, rinsing my drinking glass, and even making coffee and tea (without boiling, just heating) with Tijuana tap water for the past six days. I have not had any problems. I'm not saying this will be the case with everyone, though. As I understand it, it is the water you're not used to that gives some people the runs. Many Mexicans who come to the USA and drink tap water there also get diarrhea! over 8 years ago

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    I think the answer should be determined by considering the individuals ingestion history or previous exposure, as this is really a question of health. The reaction or lack of reaction in an individual will be determined by the individuals body. An individual with little exposure to diverse microbial compositions will be more likely to react to the ingestion of something in a foreign place, because it will more likely be new exposure for them. An individual with diverse exposure or previous exposure will be less likely to react because it may not be a new experience for their body and their body will be able to handle it. Also, the individuals current level of health is a big factor because that will determine immunity.

    I believe this holds true not only for water, but for anything consumed, whether it be beverage, food, drugs or medicines, and even air. I think the most commonly used example would be a vegetarian eating meat for the first time getting very sick. Of course this is an extreme example compared to drinking different types of water - a more parellel example would be an individual having an adverse reaction to a TYPE of meat they have not previously had. over 7 years ago

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    Unless is at a good hotel or restaurant, Never, never, never add ice to your drinks. over 7 years ago

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    "Non-tourist areas and small towns and street vendors anywhere in Mexico - be very wary, it's unlikely to be purified water." This is ridiculous. Even Mexicans don't drink tap water. almost 7 years ago

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    I'm a flt attendant n go to mexico quite often. We drink bottled water and also brush our teeth with bottled water. I never got sick until this last time I went to mexico city. I forgot and brushed my teeth with reg tap water and got very sick. It's now day 4 and I'm still trying to recover. I knew better but forgot. I'm sure if you have a stomach made of steel you'll be fine, but I don't. And if you're from Mexico or are used to it, I'm sure you'll be fine too. Safer if you drink and brush teeth with bottled water if your not used to it. Same goes for other countries I fly to that im not used to. almost 4 years ago

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