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I am a 25yrs and white, want to be respectful and safe in the space between landing and meeting my friends in Lahore. Should I try and find a headscarf in England and wear one on arrival?

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    Hi Rozanne, I personally think it would not hurt to have a headscarf by the time you land in Pakistan. I have never had the pleasure of going to Pakistan but I have a friend that is from Pakistan and all the pictures that she has shared from back home, all the women are wearing a loose headscarf with some hair showing or at least have it draped around the shoulders for easy access. I would recommend the same technique. I think it would be best to err on the side of caution and try to blend in as best as possible. That way you would not draw unnecessary attention to yourself, especially if you are traveling alone. I will ask my friend too and come back with an update. about 2 years ago

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    You don't need a head scarf unless you are visiting a mosque and there is generally no prescribed 'dresscode'. Basically you just want to minimise unwanted attention (you will stand out anyway as a foreigner) by wearing loose clothes and not exosing your shoulders or leggs. Perhaps your friend could take you shopping for a local outfit 'shalwar kameez' - fun, colourful and comfy for travelling around, but by no means necessary! about 2 years ago

    Answered by Jannis via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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