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Is anyone actually organising this cheaper option at the moment?

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    My understanding is that you don't. You either walk or take the train. over 7 years ago

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    http://www.machupicchubycar.com. It's about $120 pp, including 1 night hostel, entrance and food. over 7 years ago

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    You have to take train and bus about 7 years ago

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    Hoy can go by vehicle - either with a tour company or taxi (this is cheapest, and best price local bus to Santa Teresa + taxi to hidroeléctrica) from the plaza to Santa Teresa and from there move towards the hidroeléctirica location and from there walk two hours to Aguas Calientes. You do have to spend a night at Aguas cAlientes choosing this option, it is too far to do in the day. almost 7 years ago

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    good morning this 2 posibilities is true but if youu get a train in vistadome serice is nearly a 110 dolars going and coming is safety, if you like get the other way by santa teresa yo wnat to walk ver hard if you love the adventure is your way , can see diferent kind of scenaryes in the trip is similar price i think and also i know 120 dolars is not enoutgh because is a long trip maybe 2 days one day for goto santa teresa and other day in machupicchu and maybe one more to come back to cusco , take care regards
    alvaro almost 6 years ago

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