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My friend will be traveling from Australia to Cagayan de Oro City. He has a total of two layovers, one in NAIA terminal 2 and another one in Cebu-Mactan Airport. What are the things he should do after arriving at NAIA 2 ( northwing) from Australia? Does he need to go to immigration? Does he have to check-in again? If you can properly brief us about the procedures, we would be really grateful.

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    First thing is, if he come from another country so he need to go to immigration to get he is visa.
    Another thing u need to check is which airport he had his flight to Cebu (in Manila there are a few airports).
    Normally the flight with Philippine airlines are from the same airport, and the flight with Cebu pacific from another airport ( about 30min from there) about 3 years ago

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