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I am a senior in college this year, and last semester I spent a semester in Dakar, Senegal. While i was there, I met the most amazing group of people who were in a music group and I became their pianist. These people also became like a second family to me. After spending time in Senegal I realized how little we know about African culture, and how many terrible stereotypes we have about "Africa" as though it's one giant place. My goal is to bring this band to the US, and do tours around Universities to play music and also teach bout Senegalese culture. They could also play in festivals, other concert venues, etc, whatever we can find really. I think that bringing these guys over to the US would not only be an amazing adventure for us (two months in a van touring and playing music) but it would be such a great opportunity to help people see a different side of Africa that we don't always see, and teach people about Senegalese culture. It would be such an amazing opportunity for their band as well, as they have never done anything international, and also hardly ever get the opportunity to travel. Right now I'm trying to set up a video or something to make a go fund me or kickstarter website, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas, funding opportunities, or know of any organizations that give money to these kinds of projects, or any other advice or help. The main expense is their plane tickets, which gets into the ten thousands with how many of them there are.

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