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We're heading to South America (Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina) for three months next year. Heard that water quality in some areas is a bit dodgy, especially in Brazil. I don't want the expense and waste of buying store bottled water every day. Can anyone recommend a BPA-free water bottle with a inbuilt filtration / purification system.

I was thinking of a SteriPEN combined with a filtered water bottle like the Fill2Pure or Lifestraw GO. Or alternatively something that purifies and filters the water like the Katadyn MyBottle or GRAYL bottle. I don't have any future plans to travel to developing countries, so this water bottle will mainly be for use over the 3 months we're travelling.

We'll get clean, filtered water or boil water at our hostel each day anyway, so a standard water bottle with a good filter to remove any particulates should be OK. But it might be handy to have the purification feature as a backup.

We are mainly sticking to the coast and will in in the developed areas, no jungle or rural adventures planned. I'm probably being overcautious, but rather safe than sorry. Nothing worse than getting a stomach bug while travelling in a foreign country.

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