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Safety Insights, Please

over 5 years ago about Barcelona, Spain

I'm visiting Barcelona this summer. Through my research I've been surprised to find frequent references to crime. I understand Barcelona is worse than the average destination for pickpockets. I can handle that. But I've seen conflicting information about muggings and petty street crimes aimed at tourists. What's the real scoop?

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    I was there about a year ago and it wasn't too bad, just be on your guard, and if you think you need it, take a martial arts class you'll feel safer. about 5 years ago

    Answered by Damon via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I've been there some time ago?
    V solo female traveler, my sister went by herself as we'll a few months ago and.. Everything went just fine. Be careful, watch your belongings, like you would have to do anywhere

    Enjoy your trip! Barcelona is great! about 5 years ago

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    Sorry for the previous answer: many typos (traveling :)
    I've been there some time ago: female solo traveller, no problem at all. My sister visited last year. Also traveling alone. None of us saw or had any problem at all

    Just be careful, watch your belongings.. Like you'd have to do anywhere

    Enjoy your trip!! about 5 years ago

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