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I am planning a trip to Spain and Portugal for my next big birthday and I was going to make it a road trip, but I have had some friends advise against it and have suggested trains instead. I'll be traveling solo at this stage and plan to go for approximately 1 month. Has anyone got pros and cons on train vs car travel?

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    I rented a car in Portugal for two weeks during high summer last year and it was fantastic! So much more flexible and free than taking the trains. It gave me the freedom to explore loads of coastline, the beautiful wine regions, and the mountain villages. Just be careful of the really narrow roads in the mountains! Start or finish your trip in the cities without the car because you don't need it in Porto and Lisbon. If you are on a tight budget, be careful of the highways because the tolls can add up quickly. There was too much to see in Portugal, I didn't even make it to Spain. 9 months ago

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