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Hi Phil, I read on an article signed by you on the world nomads website (under the subthread Travel Safety Dengue Repeat Infections/"Symptoms and treatment for Dengue Fever and more") that a person is immune to all types of dengue for the first 6-9 months after their first infection. How accurate is this information? Do you have a source you can refer me to? Seeing as I am now recovering from a first time dengue fever infection in Thailand, I am determining how risk averse to be in the next couple months of my trip (to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China). As I will have limited access to healthcare in many of these places, the remaining planning of our trip sort of depends on the accuracy of the short-term immunity towards all four types as described in your article. If I am immune for the next 6 months then I have less to worry about. If not, I might need to make some major changes to our trip to avoid catching a repeat infenction developing into DHF/DSS etc... Hope you're able to give us some further information, advice, or thoughts on places or activities to avoid or not ! Thanks a lot!

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