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Hubby and I plan on backpacking around the world for as long as we can afford it. Realistically I have no idea how long that might be ... 2 months or 2 years. What should we budget per person per day? Also, should we get an around the world ticket, or just purchase as we go? Any hints on long term backpacking would be much appreciated.

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    You need to be more specific. It really depends on where you want to go, what level of comfort you want and what types of activities you would like to do. Take some time to look at currency conversion in the countries you would like to visit. Knowing the difference of your local currency vs say the euro or the pound can extend your travel quite a bit. Keeping a close eye on exchange rates and when you take your money out of the bank can make a big difference in how far your money goes. Will you gain in the conversion like in South East Asia, or will you lose as is the case with the Euro or the British Pound. Doing your banking on days where the exchange is in your favour is a good idea. Trouble is though, if your in some remote place, you take what ever exchange rate or banking chance comes your way and that can cost you a whack of cash!!! about 9 years ago

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    I agree, there is no really meaningful number. However, as a broad average, a base budget of $100 per day would perhaps be a base - this would see you by in most parts of Asia (big cities excepted), probably Australia and S.America too, but certainly not in Europe. about 9 years ago

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    RTW passing through major regional hubs would be my choice. I planned to do SE Asia and Aus/NZ, so got a very cheap RTW that had a 2 month stop in Singapore, so I could do my overland bit there. The RTW was only 20% more expensive than the return ticket to my final destination, and included one free change of dates/destinations etc, availability allowing. Its *not* as flexible as DIY, but it will be much much cheaper.

    Backpacking as a couple, the real question will be dorms or double rooms? You can get by fantastically well on $15pppd meals and accomadation in Malaysia and Thailand, for example, if you are staying in dorms. Because there are two of you, double rooms are not actually vastly more expensive, but $20 would be more like it.

    My SE Asia budget was $50 per day including all travel and entertainment, and I lived as well as I could want, scuba dived quite a lot and traveled every other day! $100 a day, with two of you, will be far more than adequate in SE Asia, even in Singapore. about 9 years ago

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