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    There might be minor dangers like taxi scam of copied clothes but those are not taking you to death, but traffic definitely could cause serious injuries and when not lucky enough even death. Cars, motorcycles, narrow streets, driving culture, few traffic lights, complex crossing and map reading tourist is a dangerous combination.

    If you have been in Ho Chi Minh you probably think that this is easier, but at least I think that in HCMC the traffic was more controlled and you could just pass the street where ever and they pass you like ants in forest paths but no, be really aware, think first, don't wait that they behave on similar way than you, but when you cross the street, don't make any unwaited moves, just go and avoid been hit by anyone. Even in red lights don't wait that they stop, that seem to be just a recommendation to them not a stright role like in other (our) countries.

    I rented a motorcycle there and it is easier on coutry side, not because they are different, but they are less there. You have to be aware of anything, just drive carefully and avoid big crossings. I planned my routes carefully but of course I made some mistakes and had to pass some crossings. Mightmare to me, I have told to everyone that I just closed my eyes and drove and that is not far from the truth. over 1 year ago

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    The best time for visiting Ha Noi is in the autumn (August - September). In one day, you can visit Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh Complex - Sword Lake - West Lake - Hoa Lo Prison - Museum of Ethnology - Old Quarter. Around West Lake and Old Quarter, there are quite a few delicious food for you to enjoy. You can travel alone or hire some travel agency like Vietnam Tour Booking to travel around Hanoi. 11 months ago

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