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I don't want overcrowded booze cruises or posh boats full of old people! Something in the middle.

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    I think they are all about the same, and they each have a day, two days/1night or 3days/2nights option.
    I would recommend 3days..so you can really get to see Ha Long Bay properly, and then also experience Can Ba Island which is one of the biggest islands in Ha Long Bay.
    I went with a company whose boats were labelled FantaSea (though I booked through Vietnamonline.com.au)
    We had some younger people, some older people, and families. I am 28, and not a party animal and I thought that our particular group was a nice mix. about 6 years ago

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    Be careful. Lots of scams on these cruises. Double check your paperwork to be sure you get what you paid for. Tour companies will charge you what they think they can get away with, and many misrepresent the amenities you will get on board. And everyone on your boat will have paid wildly different prices for the same thing. Is beautiful, but proceed with caution. almost 6 years ago

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    We offer tours to Halong bay, Sapa trek, Sapa train ticket; information about hotel, tour about Hanoi, Saigon Vietnam...

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    http://www.et-pumpkin.com/modules.php?name=CMS&mcid=324&newsubmenuid=324 almost 5 years ago

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    We made a cruise on the Bhaya Classic and it was a great cruise for the price we paid. The Bhaya Classic 4 is not a big boat, so it's still rather cosy. Very good food, nice cabin. And it cost 180$ for 2 days, transport from Hanoi incl. almost 5 years ago

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    It depends on what kind of cruises you like. Ha Long Bay is cluttered with some 500 licensed junks, and on any given day, up to 300 of them may be plying the waters — that’s basically one boat for every ten ticket offices in Hanoi!So, how do you know which Ha Long Bay tour is the one for you? We’ll get to that, but first, here’s some background on the site.
    They have Family boat Halong Bay cruise
    Deluxe Oriental Sails Cruise
    Dragon's Pearl Cruise 2D1N
    Calypso Cruiser 2D1N
    Red Dragon 2D1N
    Prince Cruise 2D1N

    You can see detail at http://www.yourlocalbooking.com/vietnam/halong-bay/how-to-pick-right-halong-bay-cruise-in-halong-bay.html
    Book Halong Bay Cruise online with www.yourlocalbooking.com (Halong Emotion Cruise 3D2N 325.00 USD, Calypso Luxury Cruiser 3D2N 250.00 USD) about 4 years ago

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    The good ones for Halong Bay Cruises are Bhaya, Paradise Cruise, Au Co, Indochina Sails.. http://www.customvietnamtravel.com/vietnam-tours/halong-bay-cruises/best-cruise-in-halong-bay.html about 4 years ago

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    No matter who you book with you all seem to end up on the same boat / tour. I would advise to be VERY careful with your money on these boats, Do not leave anything valuable in your supposedly locked room. We had a sum of money stolen by the crew of the boat and neither the hostel we booked through nor the tour company were willing to help us get it back. I can't remember the name of the company we booked through sorry about 4 years ago

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    The Kangaroo Cafe in Hanoi runs its own tours to Halong Bay & Sapa etc, and unlike most other tour companies in Hanoi, they own their own very safe boat for the Halong Bay tours, which is a huge bonus. Highly recommend them. The owner is an Australian guy who's passionate about not only giving tourists the best tours & deals, but about keeping them (you) safe and giving you value for money. Scroll through their website for tour info ...... www.kangaroocafe.com almost 4 years ago

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    Hi Brian Thacker !

    Cruise Halong bay cruise is one of the best in Vietnam. Here you will enjoy beautiful scenery in Ha Long Bay and get the best service. You can learn more about Ha Long Bay cruise following address: http://www.vietnamhighlighttours.com/cruisetour/Introduction-about-HA-NOI/HALONG-BAY-INTRODUCTION-138/ almost 4 years ago

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