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Hello. Can someone tell me what type of clothing and footwear should I take when on holiday in Vietnam?

  • Depends on where you are going. Down south and as far north as Hue light summer c;lothing is OK all year round. Further North in winter you should take a light jacket as the temperature can vary greatly. In Hanoi I was hot one day and shivering the next. Jon Ralph over 7 years ago

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    I recomend you to tale thin clothes because its a place with a lot of hummidity and some confortable shoes or walking sandals, its a great place enjoy¬°¬° almost 9 years ago

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    It depends when you're going and where you're going. Definitely lightweight clothes but if you're in the north in winter you will also need a jacket and long trousers. Again, with shoes - if you're planning a trek in e.g. Sapa then decent walking shoes, otherwise just comfortable walking shoes or sandles (I live in Birkenstocks) and flip flops or similar if you're going to the beach. almost 9 years ago

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